Application Center for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival (DACA)

August 31, 2012

Education, GLYPN Updates

Hello Friends,

Many of you have heard about President Barack Obama’s new program the “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival” (DACA). Since his announcement there have been many questions dealing with DACA and the application process.  No matter where your stance is on the immigration debate it is important that we educate our community on the specifics of this program.  I hope that this will present a legal option for some undocumented youth that wish to continue their education.

In order to help students and their families with the application process the Student Immigrant Movement in collaboration with the Greater Lawrence Young Professionals Network (GLYPN) and the Boston Legal Foundation will be organizing two Application Centers here in Lawrence.

On September 9th and 29th from 12pm – 5pm volunteers will be assisting families to fill out the “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival” form.  Undocumented youth that wish to take advantage of this event can click on the following link to reserve a spot:

I would recommend that any youth interested in applying should visit (English) or (Spanish) and go through the DACA eligibility tool.  At the Application Center there will be lawyers and others trained individuals that will assist the youths in filling out the forms.


1)   Spread the word!  We must make sure that any young person that is able to take advantage of this opportunity is aware of the resources that are out there for them.  Whether you are an educator, social worker, doctor or entrepreneur you are part of this community and we need your help to expand these opportunities.

2)   Volunteer. I am looking for 20-25 volunteers that will be able to help people fill out their forms. We value both those with legal experience and those without it. To volunteer please email Gladys Martinez ( with the following information: 1) Full Name 2) Email Address 3) Phone Number 4) Legal Experience  5) Volunteering Date: Sept 9th, 29th or Both, and 6) Languages Spoken


Pavel M. Payano

President, Greater Lawrence Young Professionals Network

Vice Chair, Lawrence School Committee


1)   I have several questions who can I call from the Student Immigrant Movement? 

Gladys Martinez; 978.884.8264;

2)   Do you have to RSVP? Can you just walk in?

We are encouraging everyone to sign up, because we need to allocate all the resources needed. We are keeping the walk-ins to a minimum, because we want everyone to come ready with their documents so that a lawyer can review them and advice them whether or not they are ready to file. If anybody has trouble signing up they can call Gladys Martinez directly.

3)   What are the commitments for volunteers?

Organizers from SIM will call all volunteers before the event takes place.

Volunteers will be required to arrive to the place at least an hour and a half in advance to help us set up the space, but most importantly to learn about their role and for any last minute questions. For our events it will be at 10:30 AM.

Any lawyers or anyone with legal experience that want to volunteer please send me your contact information so that we can put them in contact with the Greater Boston Legal Services, because they are in charge of talking to the people who are going to be helping with legal advice.

4)   Is there a checklist detailing a list of documents that I should bring?


1. Are you eligible?                                                                                                                                             

  • Go to and go through the DACA eligibility tool.                                                                         
  • Print the PDF that’s generated at the end. (This will help lawyers go quicker through your form)  

2. Proof of Identification & Birth Date:

  • Valid Passport/Country or State ID
  • School ID (with picture)
  • Military ID (with picture)
  • Translated Birth Certificate, with a photo ID
  • Any USA documentation showing your name and photograph

3. Proof that you arrived in the US before June 15, 2007

  • Official (sealed) School Records
  • I-­‐94/ I-­‐95/I-­‐94W arrival/departure record showing your authorized stay expired
  • Travel Stubs
  • Passport with Admission Stamp
  • Any INS or DHS record showing date of entry

4. Proof of Continuous Presence since June 15, 2007

  • School Records
  • Medical Records
  • Rent Checks/receipts
  • Financial Statements and/or Employment records
  • Military Records
  • Records from a religious entity in the USA (marriage certificate, baptism, communion records, etc.

5. Proof that you were physically present in the US on June 15, 2012

  • Rent Receipt/Utility Bills
  • School Records
  • Employment Records
  • Military Records
  • Medical Records
  • Money Order Receipts

6. Proof that you currently do not have lawful status in the US

  • Final Order of exclusion/removal/deportation issued as of June 15th 2012
  • An INS or DHS charging document placing you in removal proceedings
  • I-­‐94/ I-­‐95/I-­‐94W arrival/departure record showing your authorized stay expired

7. Proof of your Academic Status

  • School records from the school or Certified GED Program you are currently attending
  • USA High school diploma or certificate of completion
  • USA GED certificate

8. If you have a criminal record, please bring these documents

  • Copy of a Removal Order or any other Immigration Documents
  • Certified Criminal Dockets from the Court that handled your case

9. Additional Things To Bring!

  • Two Passport-­‐style photographs, with a white background
  • 2 Money Orders addressed to “Department of Homeland Security”
  • One for 380$ (for the Work Permit application)
  • One for 85$ (for the Biometrics check)
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About pavelpayano

Pavel Payano graduated with a BA from the University of Massachusetts Amherst in 2006. After graduation he became the Outreach Director of the Massachusetts Democratic Party. He served in this role until 2007 when he joined the staff of Congresswoman Tsongas becoming her Special Assistant and Immigration Specialist. In June 2011 he graduated from the University of Massachusetts Boston with a Masters of Science in Public Affairs. Mr. Payano is an active member of the Lawrence community; in 2010 he co-founded the Greater Lawrence Young Professionals Network, an organization that hopes to bridge the gap between local government, business leaders and young professionals who care about the development and well being of the greater Lawrence communities. He is also serving his second term as a Lawrence School Committee member.

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